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Online Courses

Online Courses - Modern Education

An online course, also known as e-learning or home study courses, are much like a school or college curriculum. You either study with materials found on the Internet, or you have the materials sent to your home and only take the exams online. Any virtual learning environment attempts to simulate the environment between student and teacher, giving them educational courses. This is especially true in a method using digital means, like in a computer.

There are many instances of similar methodology dating back from 1728. Of course, there were no computers back then. On Match 20th, the Boston Gazette printed an advertisement from a man named Caleb Phillipps, telling readers that any “Persons in the Country desirous to Learn this Art [of shorthand writing], may by having the several Lessons sent weekly to him, be as perfectly instructed as those that live in Boston.” What followed was history.

Reasons to Choose Online Courses

If you find yourself an accredited online or mailing-based school – one that is qualified in teaching and instructing students for their diploma – then the school can be just as good as a real one. Not only can you take on work at your leisure in one of these, but you get connected to much wider audience during your studies, including professors and experts from all across the world. This is, more often than not, impossible in a school based around a certain district.

Furthermore, taking an online course is effective. The Department of Education did a meta-study revolving around e-learning in 2009. Their findings were that students taking home study courses were outperforming students in traditional schooling environments.

List of Important Online Courses

If you are a person who dropped out of school for whatever reason and never got your high school diploma or GED, now is a great time to get one through various home study courses. Not only do these courses offer a great many different kinds of diplomas that one can achieve in a college-based level, but you can even get one to account for a high school education.

There are courses offering a Master of Business Administration degree, known as an online MBA. In addition to college online courses, you can take university online courses. If you have little to no money, and a lot of dedication, you can teach yourself with free online courses – but this is only advisable if you have a handle over the materials needed and if a school will recognize your work as being good enough for a degree.

Online Course Advantages

You can choose from a wide variety of programs here, giving you a lot of choices. If you have other things to do it, it offers flexibility. You can go at your own pace, doing work as you feel like, as long as you don’t lag behind too much.

You can also determine your schedule with e-learning courses. You do not have to drive here and there every day. You also generally have more opportunities than most, since you are connected with people in your field from everywhere, depending on the course. One of the best upsides, however, is the large amounts of savings; often, an online course takes a fraction of the costs that more conventional schools do, especially prestigious colleges.

Online Course Disadvantages

Some people work better with physical teachers and professors there to instruct them. You also do not get the hands-on learning feel that you would being in a physical school. This does not always apply, but it can be difficult to find an accredited school.

Remember, accreditation is the only thing that matters when choosing a place to get your degree. Another consideration is being literate with computers. If you are not, then you will have a much more difficult time navigating through the materials and the courses than you would if there were someone present.

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