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General Information about Free Online Courses

Education with Free Online Courses

Education with Free Online Courses

Free online courses are, as their name implies, free for the general public to learn. Unlike paid college online courses or university online courses, free distance learning options are generally not as comprehensive or all-encompassing as a means to educate oneself.

This is not to say that the information offered is somehow worse. There are many top universities and colleges that give these out for students who do not wish to pay, or do not have, tuition money. These span a great many subjects, and often include those offered in paid variants for online degrees. You may be surprised at how much you can learn with these resources. You can even take free online MBA courses.

Important Free Online Courses

There are hundreds of available courses from top accredited schools available, without cost, for distance learning. You can get them in language, computers, architecture, art and art history (including aesthetics and philosophy of art, visual thinking, masterpieces); economics (including information on Capitalism, economic history, crisis and globalization, game and financial theory, Marxian economics).

You can also study law (including aims and limits of the criminal law, environmental politics and law, copyright law); biology (including animal behavior, behavioral endocrinology, genomes and diversity, biomedical engineering, evolution, ecology, behavior, biochemistry, molecules and cells); computer science (including artificial intelligence, web design, mathematical structures, programming methodology and the science behind it, logic and proofs, computer and Internet comprehension); and language (including the structure of language, advanced language comprehension, communication throughout history, literature and symbolism).

Choosing Free Online Courses

Any course of study depends on what you want to know. Look around at certain universities and colleges that offer free work, and see if gaining a degree is possible through learning from the free materials.

Stanford, Tufts, Berkeley, Utah State, Carnegie Mellon, Irvine, Southern Queensland, Open University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology all offer free distance learning courses. Look into these and others to find out more details. They will usually tell you how comprehensive their free guides are, so find out if you can learn enough from them to pursue a career in your chosen field.

Luckily, free online courses are gaining new ground, so there are sure to be more and more offerings as people continue to allow the Internet to thrive with information.

Advantages and Disadvantages to Free Online Courses

Many of them do not offer the opportunity to earn online degrees through their courses, but some may. Free ones are generally not as structured as an actual curriculum laid out by a college or university, which can be a good or bad thing depending on the student.

Not all of them are as thorough in their material and information as you would get from paying for the course, but even so, this depends on if the subject you wish to learn is specialty or advanced. One of the most obvious advantages is that these are free, so you lose nothing for trying if you fail.

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